Sunday, June 10, 2001

B&A: Which idea interests you more? (repost)?

I'm reposting it b/c I didn't get many answers last time, and I need as many opinions as possible. The first one's a little more fantasy and the second one's a bit of a realistic drama.

A) It's about a 17-year old girl named Melanie Rae Adkins. When she was maybe five years old, she was found in an alley unconscious, burnt badly, and drenched with her own blood. At the hospital, everyone thought for certain that she wasn't going to make it by morning, but the next day she was awake, breathing normally, and able to make coherent conversation. When asked about her parents, she couldn't remember anything about them or her life before she was found. After months of searching for anyone who knew the girl and no results, they put her in a adoption agency, where she is adopted two years later by Joe and Jennifer Adkins. The whole book is basically about her trying to find her parents and how she survived while the people who tried to kill her when she was five find out about her survival and are determined to finish the job. But as Melanie's adventure leads her to Italy, she begins to discover that the closer she gets to uncovering the secret of her family and survival, whoever is chasing after her is growing stronger - in ways that shouldn't be humanely possible - as her possibility of surviving this adventure becomes less and less certain.

B) When Alyssa (Lyss) Bernal was 10, her 4 year old sister Katy was diagnosed with brain cancer and is almost always in the hospital. Her dad was a recovering alcoholic, but this event pushed him over the edge and he started drinking again - much more than he was before. It eventually got to the point where Lyss' 9 year old brother Aaron had to hide when he came home from "work" to escape his unpredictable temper while Lyss took care of the drunken dad. Because her mom is embarrassed about his alcoholic behavior and wants to keep their image of the “perfect family” in place, she makes Lyss promise to not tell anyone about dad and Katy. Now, at age 17, Lyss has still kept that promise. But when Aaron accidently spills the beans about his dad to another student, Lyss begs him not to tell anyone about him. He agrees, but under one condition: if she helps him sell drugs for money.

The first one is only longer because it's a tad more complicated - both plots are equally developed, I just don't know which one to do for this writing contest coming up. Suggestions? Thank you!

Answer on B&A: Which idea interests you more? (repost)?

Definitely A, but that might just because I don't read stuff like idea B.

Your idea seems really interesting. It really makes me want to know about her past and why anyone would want to kill her. I like the idea that she is traveling everywhere to find answers. I love to read about new places and different surroundings than I'm used to. Keep writing!