Wednesday, July 11, 2001

How do I move on with my life?

I'm nearly sixteen and I like someone a lot. They are older than me by 4 years and I know that is really bad. They blew things off with me over a week ago due to reasons. We are okay now though and have been talking again. However, if I had the opportunity, I would still be with them and they text me the other day telling me they saw my face and got butterflies for a moment. However, this doesn't really mean a lot but it made me happy as it's a step forward + could show they miss me.

However.. I still think of an ex boyfriend of mine, Luke, who was 16 when I got with him on the 10th of October 2009 + I was fourteen. We lasted 10 months, (broke up end of June 2010). We never had sex or anything but I miss him a lot from time to time and still cry. We had such a strong bond + I spent nearly everyday with him. :/ We broke up and he got with someone else two/three weeks later without telling me. He is still a really nice guy though and said that he would've told me if he had opportunity or credit on his phone. I don't know; it's a lame excuse but it happened so long ago + I don't have it in me to hate him, as I easily forgive. :( We have spoke a few times + I saw him yesterday and couldn't stop looking his way..

I just wish I knew how to move on with my life or improve things with either of them, because I don't see anyone else to put my interest in. :/ Help please?

Answer on How do I move on with my life?

The best thing you can do is get involved in your own life. Make your life richer with activities and events. Spend time with people you love and couldn't spend as much time with as before because you had a boyfriend. Trust me it's really mind over matter, of course we'll always miss and think of our past loves, but life moves on. Be strong and trust me these things will help. IF nothing else take a day trip with some buddies and just relax, you'll come back a new person