Saturday, September 15, 2001

How to Control Algae Growth?

I have an 80 gallon tank with 7 goldfish.
I do a 20% water change once a week and add the dechlorinator
I turn the lights on when I wake up and off before I go to bed
I fed once a day, no more than is eaten in a few minutes.
The tank doesn't get direct sunlight

My problem is my tank is covered in algae. I scrub the ornaments and the glass and a few days later algae is everywhere again. On the glass it's green mostly with black/brown algae near th ebottom, on the ornaments it's all black/brown. It doesn't look very nice :(

Are their any hints on controlling this?

The pet shop sold me chinese algae eaters and I went against my own advice and listened to them, the algae eaters did a great job but were attacking my goldfish so I had to get rid of them. I have mystery snails at the moment but they don't seem to make a lot of difference either.

The goldfish will pick at the algae so I don't mind some in there I just don't like my tank been covered in it :S

Answer on How to Control Algae Growth?

I think ya best bet is to go out and buy a baby pleco it sounds like a pleco's dream home but you may have to supplement his diet with some cucumber every once and a while or even a bristle nose pleco they are cheaper and smaller but you will need to get 2 or 3 for your tank they are alot different in appearance though so have a look on the internet for some ideas on what you like better happy easter