Wednesday, September 26, 2001

What is my personal style?

i'd just like to know how my clothing is classified (punk, boho, hipster, idk....ect.)
i basically like to wear straight leg jeans to skinny jeans, but i wear boot cut jeans sometimes. i like the occasional pair of shorts, but not too short. ;)

i wear graphic tees and i like to wear ruffled shirts, sometimes i like to just wear a tank-top w/ a cardigan.

for shoes i like vans mainly, i don't know what happened, i used to wear converse EVERY single day! ha, i had like seven pairs, now i have six pairs of vans. i LOVE boots! uggs, coach, and just high heeled boots. also, i love my toms! i have two pairs :)))))

i sometimes curly my hair, or make it wavy, but i do wear it straight A LOT.

i wear natural make-up( browns and light pinks)

Answer on What is my personal style?

somewhat random but it sounds like you'd really like
you like choose what clothes you like and don't like and it ends up really helping you choose whether your style is romantic, casual chic, edgy, etc.
I got addicted very quickly :-P