Sunday, October 7, 2001

Is Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez still best friends?

You never hear about them anymore so I wasn't sure if they were still friends or not. I heard they were taking a break from each other, but I wasn't sure if that was true. If they aren't best friends anymore, are they still talking?

Answer on Is Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez still best friends?

from what i heard, theyre not friends anymore because taylor lautner split them up..or it mightve been taylor

Thyroid problems anyone? Also pregnant.?

Before you start reading, I apologise for how long this is and I thank those who take the time to read it and possibly give me a little advice as to what I should do. I am 10 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my 2nd pregnancy (1st pregnancy stillborn at 23 weeks gestation). The first time my thyroid levels ever got tested was when I went to my GP for the blood test to confirm I was pregnant, after the results came back it showed my thyroid levels were elevated. During my first pregnancy both my antenatal clinic and my GP thought that my levels were not elevated enough to send me to an endocrinologist but were considering it because they were elevated. A few hours after I miscarried first pregnancy they tested my thyroid levels but they never told me if they were normal. Since finding out about my 2nd pregnancy I have been tested 3 times, I've been to an endocrinologist 2 times and have another appointment on the 9th of May. They have done an ultrasound on my neck and found that I have several small thyroid nodules. Now they want to take fluid from the tissue to make sure it's the thyroid producing to much hormones which is the cause of my thhyroid levels. I was reading there are complications, they said they will be using a local anaesthetic... I know this may sound stupid but will this procedure harm my baby, I don't want to lose another and I'm wondering if I should ask them to wait until the baby comes. The endocrinologist said they will not be putting me on medication at this time.

Answer on Thyroid problems anyone? Also pregnant.?

I have a son from my second pregnancy. The first pregnancy turned out to be a miscarriage in the 9th week. Reason being Thyroid Levels. Also one of the main reasons why I ws not getting pregnant initially. After thyroid treatment (not thru fluids and needles or watever) with ELTROXIN, for almost one year, I was pregnant again and had to do the routine thyroid level checking.

I would like you to know that, thyroid levels do play an important role in your pregnancy. It also makes you lethargic and fat which is not good for the baby.

I can only suggest you, go for another doctor's opinion before you get anything performed on you. And, most importantly, keep the thyroid levels right.

All the best with your baby...