Tuesday, November 6, 2001

Please tell me if you think my sister's daughter is spoiled!?

Okay well here goes. She turned 8 a couple of months ago. She has a Blackjack cell phone AND a Sliver cell phone!!!
And these arent even her first phones!!
She got her first phone when she was five years old.
AND she also has 1500 dollar Marc Jacobs purses, 1000 dollar Louis Vuittons, 2000 dollar Chloe purses and so on and so on. She barely knows what Abercrombie is and if she sees you in Gap she calls you cheap! [I've experienced it]. All she wears are designer clothing. My sister will practically fly to ITALY if her daughter cant find the Dior shoes she wants in her size!! She has a new pink dell laptop!
I just need ur opinion on this.
And i need ur help on confronting my sister on spoilng her.
What should i tell her?
I dont think this is healthy for my niece. She's going to learn that getting what she wants is going to be part of her lifestyle and im afraid thats going to affect her.

Answer on Please tell me if you think my sister's daughter is spoiled!?

she is definitely spoiled.
i think you should approach your sister in a friendly manner and tell how you feel about this. explain why you feel an eight year old shouldn't be receiving chloe purses and dior shoes, and how it is teaching her poor character to expect these things, and to think that just because a person is not clothed in head to toe chanel she is cheap.
best luck!