Thursday, November 29, 2001

Pets cause cancer?? what would you do ?

okay i had several emails this morning from family members talking about avoiding cancer ect.

so i pulled out a book titled "cure for all cancers" which they give you diet plans and tell you the things that can cause it (pretty much everything)

i was surprised to find that dander from pets is considered a cancer causer when pets usually HELP people with health issues such as high blood pressure and depression. i find it hard to believe myself.

the book recommends getting rid of your pets and living in a sterile environment and completely remodeling your average every day home from the plumbing to walls. (copper, brass and bronze are cancer causers?)

would you give up your pet if you had cancer and may or may not go into remission?
if you feel you wont go into remission would you rehome your pet and remodel your house?

i know a guy who lived by this book and survived he had lung cancer hes been in remission for 5 years without a single sign.

Answer on Pets cause cancer?? what would you do ?

Nah. If I get cancer then so be it. I fight it with my animals and a few very close friends, I go into remission and feel blessed.

Would not get rid of my pets and would not remodel my house.