Wednesday, December 12, 2001

How can I lose 15-20 pounds before school starts?

Hey, so as you know I want to lose around 15-20 pounds. I'm 13, 5'2, and 120 currently, it changes around, but stays around that weight most of the time. I know I'm not like obese or anything, but I'm self-conscience about my body. I spend literally everday at the pool cause my mama works there. I can't spend so much time there and be self-conscience. I workout most everyday, maybe not on the weekends or when things come up. I get on the eliptical for about 25 minutes, then bike for 20 then I do different muscle-toning exercises for about 30 minutes. Is there something I should change? Do you have something better? How long will it take to see results? What should I do for my diet? Give me some tips or something. Oh and if you tell me to go buy some CD or get some pill, don't, I'm 13, I can't do that. So don't even try, I will completely ignore you, and the 3 minutes you wasted answering this will be a waste of your time, so don't tell me to do that stuff:) Thx

Answer on How can I lose 15-20 pounds before school starts?

Diet pills are lies. And you don't need CD to lose weight.
All you really need is a solid diet plan and your will to carry it through.

Your body packs on weight when you have energy left over that you got from food. This is measured in calories. Daily recommendation of calories is about 2500. If you want to lose weight, you need to decrease your calorie consumption BUT without losing the valuable nutrients. Working out and exercise is also necessary but since you're doing that already, I'm just going to focus on your diet.

To begin, I lost just a bit over 20 pounds in last 2 months or so through diet and working out. The diet that you should follow is decreasing your calorie consumption while maintaining your health. The diet I followed was 1000 calorie diet, where I counted calories of food I ate and limited myself to eating 1000 calories per day. Follow a strict diet plan that has VERY little carbohydrates. This means that you're going to eliminate all manufactured sugar consumption such as candy, chips or pop. This also means you will reduce amount of bread you eat. Try eating only 1 meal a day that includes bread, rice or any other grain group and eat only whole wheat. Next, eat healthy. Technically, you can live on 1000 calories by eating pizzas and donuts. But this is dangerous because there are virtually no useful nutrients at all in these food. So eat raw, fresh vegetables and fruits. Eat salads with little dressing and just be very wary of how much calorie you are eating. You also need protein for growth and muscle repair. You should reduce your consumption of red meat and eat chicken breast and salmon or other protein alternatives like beans, soy and tofu.

If you follow this strict diet plan, I guarantee you will start to lose weight quickly. Good luck!