Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Help with Present Idea!?

For Christmas I want to give my best friend who is a boy a huge gift bag filled with goodies and surprises. He is really into Hollywood, Twilight, Disney and loves both Lady Gaga and Britney. Any idea's on what I should get him???

Answer on Help with Present Idea!?

well get him some gaga shirt from her online store umm and itunes giftcard (if he has ipod)
the fame monster cd if you want to do a huge present get him gaga tickets but they are supper expensive umm maybe a few posters get him beats (gaga headphones) ummm the house of gaga bracelet get him the limited edition twilight box i think you can find it on ebay get him some britney tshirts from her fan site and get him some cupcakes or chocolate or candy cuz well who dosnt love sweets???