Friday, February 15, 2002

Dieting mentality help?

Hey guys. I really hope you can help.
I am not overweight, i'm not completely unhappy with my figure. I just know that I could become healthier and lose some weight. I always have this sluggish feeling, the whole day. I'm not one of those that wants to become model thin or anything stupid.
I did lose 4kg a little while ago; I kept it up for quite a while. and then Christmas came, I lost control and gained most of it back again. For some reason I haven't been able to get into the right mentality as I did for my first diet (which I was extremely pleased with and always in a good mood because of it).
I am not looking for some extreme dieting plans or anything. My main struggle is starting my diet. Once I start it I will find it a lot easier to continue.

My question for you guys is:
what is the best way to start a diet (i can't control what i eat for dinner. only slight portion control, because I don't chose what I eat for dinners)?
is there anything I could do to get into the right mentality for it?
thanks :D

Answer on Dieting mentality help?

You have to really be READY to lose weight and committed to it. If you aren't motivated then you obviously aren't that bothered with your figure

Set yourself a realistic goal and find a workout buddy. You don't have to diet at all if you increase your exercise. If you have a gym membership then go with a friend - you wont blow it off if someone else is expecting to meet you there. Or sign up for a dance class if you don't like the idea of "exercise" but want a fun way to burn calories. Or just go for a walk every evening for just 30 minutes - it's not a lot but you will see the pounds come off if you do this

Also keep a food diary and be honest. The worst thing you can do is not write it down. Trust me, once you start writing down what you are eating, how much and at what times, you will start to think twice about having a chocolate bar at 4pm or grabbing the Haagen Dasz at night when you are watching CSI

Portion control is key - that's what a food diary helps with. Do you really need a second helping of mashed potatoes with gravy? or another big portion of Mac N Cheese? or another slice of pizza?