Wednesday, February 20, 2002

Need help with a romance plot!?

It's come down to me writing Justin Bieber fanfiction. Save me!
As you can tell from all of my other questions, I'm a writer. And a good one at that!
I'm stuck though. I need a plot idea. ROMANCE. Or romantic-comedy.
It doesn't have to be something amazing, obviously, because you'd want it for yourself; I just need something basic, to help me get started (:
I already have the characters, setting, and even entire scenes planned out in my mind! It's just a matter of finding a plot. >:P


Answer on Need help with a romance plot!?

Not to sound like a rude jerk but how can you toot your own horn (I'm a writer, a good one at that), and then proceed to mooch ideas off of others? lmao. hmm. Convoluted logic if there ever was any.

Anyway, look at the same ol' story lines that come and go in that genre and try to do something different.

Typical cliches:

Boy meets girl, they fall in love, he screws up and loses her, he works to get her back
Love triangle
love at first sight
friends then lovers later


Take them and twist them and voila. Something new.