Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Jenny Craig VS Weight Watchers? Which is better?

My mother and I have decided to go with a diet system to lose weight. We have both agreed that we need a lifestyle change and we are both willing to stick with it.

Also, money is not an issue with us.

We are trying to decide which system is better, JC or WW?

I want to hear pros and cons of each from people that have tried them.

My mom wants to lose 40LBS and I want to lose about 50LBS.

Please help!

Thank you :D

Oooh, I forgot, how long would it take to lose the weight if we stayed on top and consistent with X program?

Ok, thank you :D

Answer on Jenny Craig VS Weight Watchers? Which is better?

Jenny Craig is really mean to its employers and they fired one of my friends because that day the boss' girlfriend broke up with him so my friend forgot to do something and he completely exploded when it wasn't even necessary (he forgot to do something stupid, it wasn't like end of the world).

But, weight watchers helped my mom lose 20 lb. and my dad lost 50. It took my mom about a year to lose 20 pounds and I forgot how long it took my dad for 50 but it's been about 3 years since they did weight watchers and they've actually lost another 10 pounds!

The longer it takes to lose weight, the longer you'll keep losing. Good luck!