Monday, March 18, 2002

Why do people say Lady Gaga is part of the Illuminati?

I mean I respect everyone's opinions on her and all, but I don't get how people can hate her so much. Still, you can really only understand if you're a fan I guess.
I know she uses the signs in her videos but if you look at the bigger picture it's pretty much irrelevant. Gaga said in an interview that she dresses and acts the way she does because she wants to show that it's okay to not fit in. I think she also said that someone she looked up to as a child used to use that okay sign over her eye so she used it too. Maybe that person was an Illuminati? :p

Answer on Why do people say Lady Gaga is part of the Illuminati?

Because they are stupid. She is not part of the Illuminati. I honestly love gaga because she is who she is and she's not show it! She's not a fake, she's not gay, she's not dumb either. AND SHE IS NOT A MAN!!! SHE is a woman, she isn't afraid of being different, and she is very very very intelligent. She does dress kinda, ya know, skimpy, but that's not her on the inside. Oh, back to the question: she isn't. She was raised a catholic as a girl. She says she's a bit confused about religion bc there "isn't one religion that doesn't discriminate against any other religious groups, racial groups, sexual groups", etc...thats where she's wrong though. Look up "larry king live+lady gaga" on youtube, and you'll find the vid. It's a great one:D