Monday, May 13, 2002

How should I pack for my trip to Italy?

my school said to pack as light as possible.

they want me to bring : sneakers, a coat, layered clothing, collapsible umbrella, portable alarm clock, electric voltage converter and outlet adapter.
But I also want to bring some earrings ( i'm bringing cheap forever21 earrings, not expensive stuff), my senior sweatshirt, my iPod, my cellphone, my camera,, some travel size shampoo's and conditioners, and those small body lotions from Bath and Body Works and probably some books to read on the plane because I know I will not get tired and go to sleep.

How do I pack this as light as possible?

Answer on How should I pack for my trip to Italy?

Wear as much of the clothes as you can fit on your body. Use your phone as an alarm clock. Buy an umbrella there if you need it. Pack all the liquids the way they tell you on the TSA website, and put them on top so that you can take them out. Roll your clothes as tightly as possible and shove into the bottom of the bag. Tie your sneakers onto the outside if you have to. Put everything small into your pockets.