Thursday, June 27, 2002

D4 Thermal Shock-weight loss work?

Does this stuff actually work? I been working for since September at least a few times a week. Mainly I'm working on my arms. I want to lose weight as well. Right now, I am at 192, and I want to get back to near 178. I recently turned 23, and graduated college. I'm looking forward to move to Florida, from Pittsburgh, PA because I cant stand the cold :P

So does D4 Thermal Shock work?

Answer on D4 Thermal Shock-weight loss work?

No matter how you slice it, diet is a dirty word. It smacks of deprivation and hunger pangs. To overcome the pain, you need a plan.

So WebMD asked the experts for advice, and put together their quick tips on how to get your weight lossgoing.

1. Know Your Weight Loss Goals

2. Understand Your Weight Loss Personality

3. Double Up: Diet & Exercise

4. Make a Firm Weight Loss Commitment
Good Luck and Take care :-)
Finally, be sure you're committed to losing weight for yourself -- not because someone else is pressuring you to do so.

Then, take things slowly, keep these tips in mind, and you should be on the road to weight loss in no time.