Wednesday, July 24, 2002

Why did young girls ruin music?

I'm sorry to all of you whom this question might offend. It just seems to me that large record companies have decided that young girls are the most profitable demographic to target. In this sudden realization they've managed to toss aside the preferences of other people. As a guy (with a broken iPOD) I'm no forced to choose between the annoying sound of my junk 1997 Grand AM or some girly song with simplistic lyrics and loads of auto tune. Think about all the songs on your most popular radio stations and tell me how many are oriented to a male audience. Katy Perry - Firework, Trey Songz - Bottoms Up, Justin Bieber - Never Say Never.....What heterosexual man in his right mind would care to listen to that? None. So us guys basically have to listen to country, rock music (from when my dad was young) because despite popular belief no rock station seems to consistently play newer material, or my personal favorite to listen to absolutely nothing. I don't want anybody to take this like I'm being overly serious, I was just wondering if anybody felt the same way.

Answer on Why did young girls ruin music?

Mainstream these days sucks balls. Techno/electronica and screamo is where its at. Can't have manlier choices than that.