Sunday, September 29, 2002

How do I get bad karma out of my love life?

Ever since I had a bad experience with my ex-best friend who used to be in love with me, and I liked him but I didn't treat him that well, I've had bad relationship karma.
I was the "other-girl" for a guy I was in love with, and in the end he chose his girlfriend over me. My best friend's brother (for whom I've had a long term crush) flirted with me and I spent months thinking about him and didn't see him any more because we live in different countries, when I got back to where he lives he acted like nothing had happened.
When I got back here to Italy I had a short relationship with my friend's cousin, but we only saw twice and it was purely sexual and it didn't make me feel good about myself. Even if I was the one who didn't want anything serious.
Lately I keep seeing my ex-best friend around who now has a gf and is happy. I have a crush on my head boy at school who, I only just found out, plays in the same band as my ex-best friend. So he is out of bounds.

my friend thinks that it could be because I still have the presence of my ex-bst friend around me. For example I have some books of his I have to give back to him and we never got any closure about our relationship. But now nearly a year has passed since I last spoke to him so I don't know what to do...

Answer on How do I get bad karma out of my love life?

Karma = Action and Action = Reaction............ So you mnight run anyway from the reactions but you can't escape.... Be strong we humans always get what we did in some way !