Monday, October 7, 2002

LGBT & OTHERS: What are your life goals?

My goals are
1.Talk to my crush
2. be successful in life
3. help and support LGBT rights <33
4. become famous because of something that I accomplished
5. be friends with my crush or even be boyfriends <3
6. Travel to Italy and Russia <3
7. find love and happiness in my life

What’s yours??

FQ: Do you like anyone right now?
FQ2; Do you have any friends who has a lesbian mom?
FQ3: go to the mall or to the museum?
FQ4: Date a Russian or date an Aussie?

My Answers!
Yeah I love him so much <33
Yeah. She’s so awesome
The mall <33
Uhmm Russian <33

Answer on LGBT & OTHERS: What are your life goals?

I want to get a book published before I turn 30-years-old
I want to get married and maybe have kids one day -- although I am probably going to adopt preteenagers if I ever want kids.

FQ: Yes -- I am infatuated with someone.
FQ1: No, but I know someone with two fathers.
FQ2: Mall, bay-bee
FQ3: Aussie