Tuesday, October 8, 2002

Should I lose weight to alleviate knee pain?

I'm at a healthy weight right now - 5'6'' and 132 lbs. My body fat percentage is fairly low - the last time it was tested it was around 14.5%. I used to weigh around 125 lbs, but I've been strength training and eating more the past several months.

I run a LOT, and have recurring overuse pain in my knee (sometimes both). In conjunction with other treatment, is it worth if for me to try and lose a few pounds? I know weight loss is supposed to be very helpful for obese individuals with chronic knee problems. However, my weight is healthy right now. I love running so much, and I want to do anything that will help alleviate this problem. Would it be at all beneficial to try and lose weight, and if so, how much? I don't believe it would be possible for me to lose more than 4 or 5 lbs and reasonably maintain it without starting to lose mostly muscle weight (which wouldn't be terrible, it would just take a lot of work)

Answer on Should I lose weight to alleviate knee pain?

Your weight sounds fine...seemingly perfect.

Frankly, you sound like the typical overzealous jogger. Jogging can become so enjoyable, people overdo it...especially if they are in training for a race.

Try cutting back on the jogging. And throw in lots of stretching and water.

Also, if you lift weights, stay away from exercises that put stress on your knees: especially squats and lunges.