Monday, November 18, 2002

American History Homework Need Help Please 10 Points!!!?

Hello guys, I'm really into some big problem i didn't sleep all night yesterday i was trying to study for my test but now i have i got some problems to work on and I'm a done please i will give out 10 points thank you.
Err im acting like a leech right now but you guys are my only hope.

a. a communication that proposed an alliance between Germany and mexico to help the central powers in case the U.S delcared war on

b. a military alliance among Germany,Austria Hungary, and Italy

c. a policy of not being involved in the affairs of other nations

d. payments for damages and expenses caused by the war

e. a military alliance among great Britain, France and Russia

f. an extreme pride or devotion that people feel for their country or culture

g. the expansion of arms and the policy of military preparedness.

PLESASE I NO THERE people there who are way smarter them me im really tired now i cant think at all im not lazy i just need help i will reward u thank you A LOT !

Answer on American History Homework Need Help Please 10 Points!!!?

try google but ill try to help as much as i can

b axis
c hands off policy?
d indemnity
f nationalism