Tuesday, January 7, 2003

Somebody please help me. Please.?

I feel like I want to die! I'm constantly searching for happiness and meaning in my life but there is none. I've wanted to find my soulmate for years and years (im 26) and I found him a few months ago. But he left me and cut me off completely. The B astard. I work a 9-5 and get p issed on the weekends. My life can't continue like this. I don't like people very much as I feel they can';t offer me anything, and I feel that they're all just acting how they think they should. I spend alot of time alone watchin films. To look at me you'e be completely shocked. On the outside I appear confident, cool, funny. I'm attractive and get alot of attention from men... but something's missing... I often have suicidal thoughts but I have the sense to believe that things will get better so I never attempt it. I've self-harmed over the years though and went too far once with one on my arm and now the scars there forever. God knows what people think when they look at it. Anyway I feel like I need to escape somewhere.... like a little village in italy or an obscure beach in Thailand or something. I'm living in London and have no family here etc, they're all in North England. Is there anyway I can escape? Should I quit my job and travel the world to get some meaning in my life. I don't know what to do I just want to escape.

Answer on Somebody please help me. Please.?

The beach in Thailand is perfect for you, just take a break, relax and have fun. If you want to go to a beach in Thailand i suggest you to go to Koh-Chang the beach there is very beautiful and I'm sure that you will have fun on the beach.