Wednesday, February 5, 2003

How Do Teams In The World Cup Pick Their Players?

How do teams like italy pick their they pick the best from all series A or how does that work?

Answer on How Do Teams In The World Cup Pick Their Players?

well to be selected as national player for any country (ie player who represents the particular country in world cup and other tournaments) u need to fulfill two main criterias
1) u must be a citizen of the country . this rule doesn;t always mean the country u have been living in and are a citizen of at the moment. Some players have changed their citizenship even if they were citizen of another country at the time . for example, there was a football player, sort of a good one living in australia, he was born in australia and was a citizen of australia but he choose to play for serbia and he was able to because his parents were serbians which allowed him to get a serbian citizenship and play for serbia in many tournaments.. (don;t knw if he is playing at world cup )

2) You must play good ie you must be in top 11 of the country or the best in ur area (like defense or midfield) sometimes coaches choose to ignore a very good player because there is a better person(s) in his preferred postion.

and most of the time .. coaches and scouts look for ppl in better leagues than their own ...
say if some american was playing for MLS and there was another guy playing in EPL or serie A, the guy playing in foreign league is considered first then only the guy in MLS.
but there are many other rules as how the coaches pick the players. things like age, experience, public support of the player also come into play while looking for players.