Sunday, February 23, 2003

Should i bring my laptop to europe?????????????????

I am going to Europe for 2 and a half weeks with my soccer team traveling to France, Italy, and Spain and i am debating weither i should bring my laptop or not. I would like to email my family picutes while i am there but i dont know if i am going to have internet access. So my questions are.... is there going to be a powerport on the airplane that i can connnect my laptop to, is there going to be some sort of internet connection in the hotels in europe, and where should i keep it when i am not in my hotel room. thanks. only answer if you are sure. thanks everyone.

Answer on Should i bring my laptop to europe?????????????????

Airports, hotels, cafes, restos always have free internet access on WiFi. I am bringing my laptop anywhere I go and I can go online always.

Busines and first class may or may not have powerport. Better bring two fully charge batteries.

Hotels have safe boxes if you are worried of losing it.