Tuesday, March 4, 2003

So i asked this girl to the movies????

ok so i asked this girl to go to the movies with me on Saturday, i was going to ask her in person, but i only get to see her on Mondays and Wednesday and this week i didnt see her at all!

anyways so on Wednesday i had no choice but to ask her over Facebook, so i asked her and she said that she would love to go.
but she said that she had some plans with her cousins to do something, but she said that she was going to let me know by thursday, and i told her that to give me an answer by Friday.

so it's past 6 and she hasnt message me, idk what to do, i think she's cute, and i have never asked a girl out before, so she's the first girl i ever asked out.
what should i do????
should i wait?
should i message her back and tell her if she's going to be able to go with me??? i kind of dont want to do that, i think it will make me seem desperate.

any suggestions?????
btw im 19 she's 18 if that matters

Answer on So i asked this girl to the movies????

Just wait. Don't say anything.
No.. The thing is you ask her to the movies, not asked her to be your girl.

In this current society, I can ask a girk to go alone with me from 7am to 11 pm in the mall or someplace and still not call it a date. Calm down, it's not a date, it's just for you guys to hang together. Please please treat it as it's NOT a date or she may freak out. Don't touch her, don't kiss her, and dont do anything you wouldn't wanna do.

Don't make it a nervous thing. It's just easy going. Just ask her "hey I'm goin to the movies, wanna come?" it makes it sound like even if she doesn't go, it's ok. This puts pressure away from her as well.