Thursday, March 27, 2003

Is Lady Gaga a "late-bloomer"? In terms of achieving fame and success?

Gaga only became famous at the age of 22, in mid 2008. By 22 years old, most household names were probably on their 3rd or 4th studio album with at least 2 tours under their belts. Would Lady Gaga be considered the 'oldest' entertainer in terms of achieving recognition and fame?

Answer on Is Lady Gaga a "late-bloomer"? In terms of achieving fame and success?

No. Gaga is more the norm than the exception. If you look at all successful pop acts present day and yesterday, more of them achieve their breakthrough in their early and mid twenties than in their teens. Of course, there are plenty of exceptions like Beyonce, Britney, Christina, Michael, Justin, but most of them started in teen groups. If you get away from those household names who started as teen pop idols, most don't become big until they are in their 20's..... Eminem, Madonna, Kid Rock, Kate Perry, Snoop, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Jay Z, Elvis, Green Day, Springsteen, Elton John, Aerosmith, etc. Especially, the household rock names, very few broke before 21 y/o.