Sunday, April 13, 2003

I am fourteen, 5'8 and 180lbs. I want to be 130lbs. Help?!?

I want to lose fifty pounds. Preferably in six months (by July 4th, summer time/bikini weather.) how do I do this? I am very stubborn and determined. Diet plan and exercise tips needed

Answer on I am fourteen, 5'8 and 180lbs. I want to be 130lbs. Help?!?

Just go for a run 3 or 4 times a week, maybe a mile to two miles. Set a schedule up, each day do a certain activity and make sure you do everything planned. If you do sports, that helps, it depends how hard you want to work. In order to lose 50 pounds you have to be determined. 50 pounds is a lot, but you could do it if you really wanted to. Just work out, I recommend P90X, the whole package is about $250 I believe it's something around there, but the dvd is $130 off their website. I got mine for $90 off Even though P90X is generally a mens program, it works for women as well. If you don't know what p90x is, it's basically a workout program that is a mixture of polymetrics, yoga, weight lifting, and other exercises. You do it for 90 days, I did it and not only did I lose weight but I am JACKED! My friend was 200 pounds 5'11" (15 yr old) now hes 6'0" 180 he looks like a completely different person...