Saturday, May 10, 2003

I want to get to know her more but i only see her 5 minutes a week what should i do?

I like her but i only see her 5-10 minutes a week. She is in between my guitar class. Were in college. I don't know her full name so no face book i don't know if she is single or taken all i know is there is 3 more weeks until school ends and i want to date her. Before the summer starts.

So what do i do? Do i ask for her facebook or her number? I really want to hang out with her next week end maybe get her number txt her along the week. Call her to hang out or something. But i barely know her.

I'm confident when talking to her and i try to be charming so i dont have a problem talking to her its just the timing is crappy.

Detailed answers are appreciated i see her once a week on monday. Thanks guys!

Answer on I want to get to know her more but i only see her 5 minutes a week what should i do?

If I were that girl and you had 5-10 minutes to impress me; I would want you to be forward and brave and tell me. I would find your boldness and obvious admiration for me flattering and you would be on my mind. Use words like I think you are...or I feel I want to...., you are the most...., I will make it worth your time! However if you approached me in a passive way I would instantly be turned off and think you're too nice and look for ways not to hurt your feeling. Lots of women like to know a guy took a real risk to get her attention. It signifies her worth to you. If you play it safe, she is likely to think you half-heartedly are interested in her, if at all. Lots of girls have low self esteem, even the pretty ones, so when a guy takes a chance like that, it helps to affirm their beauty and if she likes you back, well then you just might have yourself a date..or a chase (depends on the girl)
So be polite, bold, frank and sexy and get your girl. Don't ask if she is with someone because that's her job to let you know or not. Go for what you want because that's what women like..that's hot! (Forget timing, just do're playing it too safe. Take her hand spin her around and make a scene while asking her out..or get on your knee and make a scene while asking her out. Flatter and impress and make her feel special and that's it! Use your guitar on this fun! Hope this helps...