Monday, May 12, 2003

I have a imaginary world that i cant escape , HELP?

Okay ,
since i was lets say 4 i had this imaginary life of a famous girl in this different kind of world ,and i would basically live the stages of her life til i get tired of her and create a new life , but that was when i was younger and i didnt kno celebritys. this caused my real life to be a blur .. now (im 13) i have a "life" with justin bieber , plz dont bug me . Before it was that one rapper drake and i was nicki minaj . Well, im supposebly this famous girl who sings songs ,which i do everyday for lets say 5 hours of youtube songs, and she is in a relashionship with justin.i read his twitter everyday and pretend im doing the things hes doing too as his "girlfriend" . DONT call me obsessive because i dont even kno half his songs i just think hes cute THATS ALL. lately i cant even focus on my life and i procrastinate . im failing and my life is out of order . But i cant help myself i keep going into that imaginary world, HELP ME PLEASE.

Answer on I have a imaginary world that i cant escape , HELP?

No, not schizophrenia. This case is too mild for that. It may be depression.

As a child, I had, nearly, word for word the kind of thoughts you had. I am also thirteen and I still have the same thoughts as you, though slightly different. Trust me it is not schizophrenia.

To be honest, I don't think it is completely terrible unless it begins to dominate your life. In more recent months, the thoughts have diminished less and less as I've directed my life toward other interests like studying, friends, and sports.

It's perfectly normal to an extent and should be an interest confined completely to the inside of your mind and never shared.

However, in more severe cases this could also be the result of depression. And wishing you were a celebrity since your own life is more depressing. I would suggest trying to get involved in more things at school or take up an instrument to occupy your time. You should also try to spend more time with your friend. It definitely helps! Hope this answers you question (and for the record, no your not crazy) ~Deni$e