Friday, June 27, 2003

Whats wrong with me today?

i've totally been rocking out to lady gaga since i woke up from my nap... i mean, seriously... me... lady gaga... enjoyment... i'm a little worried about this and where its going...

how often do you listen to music you never listen to?

Answer on Whats wrong with me today?

oh god, dread. I listened to country music today -- garth brooks, specifically...'i got friends in low places,' or something like that. such a good jam! and I never listen to country music, lol. for some reason, my husband has the country music station programmed into his car radio and I drove his car today..I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I jammed a little bit, lmao.

and gaga is the best. and I should preface the last comment with the fact that I'm a really dirty hippie at heart who grew up with the beatles, zeppelin, the grateful dead and janis... I just can't help myself to get into new things though. new **** is good.