Wednesday, August 6, 2003

What's my face shape?

i can't tell what my face shape is, people say i got a flat, wide face and some of my friends say i got the same face shape as selena gomez(but totally different facial features) and elise estrada

elise estrada(for those who don't know)


i got no make up, and theres no editing, some of the pics are just blurry(srry) so what kind off face shape do i have? and are my friends right? is there a celebrity that has a similar face shape as me? and what hairstyle would best fit me?

srry lots of questions!! lol

Answer on What's my face shape?

Oval. You really don't match her facial shape. She has a heart shape. A lot of hair styles work with your face shape. The long hair looks best. Try straightening it. Try pink eye shadow or light blue.

There is no such thing as a triangle face shape!