Friday, August 29, 2003

Why did my friend removed me from his life?

Well we are online friends, we talked alot online, on skype we talked through voice. We shared alot in common, he always commented on my photos and statuses, he liked everything on my facebook. We stayed up till late times at night. He would get sad if i wanted to close the chating session because he wanted to talk to me. He played the guitar for me through skype voice. So one day, he just removed me from facebook. I sent him a message asking him why did he do so, he said there was a reason but he couldn't say it to me.
he said that I'm a great girl and he wishes me all the best and that he misses me. He said that i mean a lot to him and that he loved all the songs I sent to him especially two that he mentionned. Finally he said that he hopes I can see how much i mean to him so i replied him with : I can't see I'm blind actually, enjoy. He replied with : You don't care. so I replied with : why would I care for someone who's treating me like that ? saying that he cares but acting the opposite? removing me from facebook and telling me that i'm a great girl. saying there was a reason but not saying what is it and me having no idea about it. this just doesn't make sense to me./ What is wrong with him? I still didn't understand why was he acting so. I didn't do anything wrong do people usually remove each other from theirs lifes for no apparent reason?

Answer on Why did my friend removed me from his life?

He probably has a girlfriend, or you got too clingy on his facebook when he doesn't even know you.
He probably removed you because he doesn't wan't his friends to know he has been chatting to random girls on the internet.