Thursday, October 9, 2003

What should I call myself?

I've been going through some of my grandparents' ancient records recently and pretty much tracked all of my genealogy back to the 1700's. Apparently I'm 25% Scottish so that's easy to remember. However, the remaining 75% of my ancestors came from 1. Bavaria. 2. Austria. 3. North Italy. 4. Hungary. Now, for anyone who is familiar with a map of Europe, these nations are clustered in bascially the same area in central Europe. That being said, I have no idea what to call myself when people ask my heritage. I want it to be simple, but to also include all of those places I mentioned. I would say germanic, but I fear that Hungary is too far east for that(especially where my ancestors came from anyway) and Hungarian is actually the biggest portion of that part of my heritage. Any help what to call myself?


-The Toe

Answer on What should I call myself?

Central European or Slavic