Friday, October 10, 2003

Is it real or is it a reproduction?

I reciently aquired a black powder revolver. I am eager to learn if this is a reproduction or a part of history.
The cylinder has a sail boat engraving all the way around with "Engraved by W.L. Ormsby New York"
The barrel has A. Uberti & C. Gardone V.T. Italy on the side.
The top of the barrel says Western Arms Corp. Santa Fe N.M.

Any information about this pistol would be very helpful.


Answer on Is it real or is it a reproduction?

I can understand your curiosity, but this is botany. Don't even know where to direct you--"Sports", maybe? Try posting this there, or Google "A. Uberti & C. Gardone V.T. Italy", and good luck with it!