Wednesday, January 7, 2004

Motorola droid no longer alerting me when i have missed a call?

For the past few days when i miss a call i no longer have the green LED light appear. Its weird because the LED light notifications for everything else (text messages, twitter, etc) work just fine. How can i fix this?

Answer on Motorola droid no longer alerting me when i have missed a call?

There are no setting to turn those notifications on and off, so my only recommendation would be to try restarting your phone (turn it all the way off and then power it back up)

Smartphones are like little computers, and occasionally a restart does them some good.

Manu should be in HOF(want true sports fans)?

Manu ginobili is often snubbed or debunked anytime someone says he should be in the HOF WHY? Are you so arrgonet you cant accept the fact that a 6 man(plays like a starter) cant be in the HOF! IT called the Basketball HOF not the NBA hall of fame. Now I understand why some people have trouble with this. Not to many sport fan are as smart as they think they are when it comes to foregin players accomplsments and that okay. They do count though a lot more than you may think. There have been awards Manu should of won like the 2005 finals mvp or 2008 all star. I understand he may be overshadowed by Duncan and Parker but here it is plain and simple the sprus wouldnt even be a title contending team without him. Look what happend this year or last year, or baisclly any time he was injured. People outside of the spurs fan base just dont get how much of an amzaning player is. I hope you actully do reserach on him after this post and you will see what I men.I hate Kobe but I still have respect for his game and him as a player. Just cause you hate someone donsnt men they suck.
Additonal details:
Want real answers just not no or yes
Want real sports fan no of you hating spurs or manu haters.
Here are his accomplshments:
2001 Lega A (Italy) MVP
2001 Euroleague Final Four MVP
2001 FIBA Americas Championship MVP
2002 All-Euroleague First Team
2002 Italian Cup MVP
2002 Lega A MVP
2002 FIBA World Championship All-Tournament Team
2002–03 NBA All-Rookie Second Team
Olimpia de Oro
(2003, 2004 (shared))
2004 Olympics MVP
2004 Gold Medal
2004–05 NBA All-Star
2006 FIBA World Championship All-Tournament Team
2007–08 NBA 6th Man of the Year
2007–08 All-NBA Third Team
2008 35 Greatest Euroleague Players

Answer on Manu should be in HOF(want true sports fans)?

I thought he just had won the gold medal and the rings with the Spurs.

But, with all these "titles" in his career, I think the answer is ... Yes, Ginobili should be in HOF.

(And also, he's gonna retire as the Prince of Flop, because Vlade is the KING).…