Thursday, January 15, 2004

T-shirts price at Senses Fail concert?

Hello. My best friend and I are going to a Senses Fail concert tomorrow. It's at a venue in PA called Mr. Smalls. We couldn't get shirts to wear to the concert because there were none at the mall, and it was too late to order them online and get them on time. I was thinking about buying a t-shirt there and just putting it on over my cami. How much do shirts and other merch. cost for a Senses Fail concert stand thing? I know that tees at the Justin Bieber concert were 30 minimum, but I think Senses Fail would be different since they have a much smaller target audience. Thanks!

Answer on T-shirts price at Senses Fail concert?

Shirts at concerts like that are usually $20 and hoodies are about $35-40. Id bring a lot of money cause they are going to be selling all sorts of shirts and other kind of stuff like cds and wristbands and such. I took about $135 to an ADTR concert and i spent all of it. I did get a lot of stuff though haha. Have fun :-)