Sunday, February 1, 2004

Can you help me correct these verb-tense exercises?

The answers I put are right before the options between parenthesis, but if you see any mistake, correct me, please; I will appreciate it. I'm asking this because the professor told us there are like 14 verb tenses in English so I wonder if maybe I'm missing someone.

I HAVE VISITED (visit) quite a few cities since 2004. In June of 2004 I FINISHED (finish) high school in Michigan. After my graduation, my parents SENT (send) me to Standford University in California. After one year at Standford, I ASKED (ask) my father if I could go to the Sorbonne in France. He AGREED (agree) to let me go, so in June of 2005 I FLIED (fly) to Paris, France.

It's now 2010 and I HAVE BEEN (be) in France for 5 years. At first, it was difficult for me to understand the French language, but I STUDIED/HAVE STUDIED (?) (study) very hard, and, little by little, I LEARND/HAVE LEARNT (learn) to speak French very well. I LIKE (like) the French language. In fact, I HAVE LIKED (like) it since I was in junior high school.

Of course, my life HAS BEEN (be) very busy since I came to Europe. I HAVE WORKED (work) hard, and I HAVE MET (meet) many interesting people. Last month, I WENT (go) to Italy, and next month, I WILL GO (go) to Spain. While I STAYED (stay) in Italy. I SAW (see) my friend Karl, whose parents live in Germany. He INVITED (invite) me to meet them, so we HITCHHIKED (hitchhike) to Berlin. He INTRODUCED (introduce) me to his mother and father, who MADE (make) me feel very comfortable in their home. I WILL NEVER FORGET (never, forget) their kindness.

I WILL COMPLETE (complete) my studies next year. Right now, I AM THINKING ABOUT (think about) my return to Michigan, but I realize that I WILL MISS (miss) my friends in Europe.

Answer on Can you help me correct these verb-tense exercises?

You only got one wrong, and it's subjective "Have Studied" would usually be just "Studied". The rest are all OK or either option is fine.