Thursday, February 5, 2004

My secret plan to get the guy of my dreams?

1. Write a screen play in 3 months and sell it for 250 000 dollars
2. Write a second screen play, 6 months after that and sell it for 500 000
3. Go on a Low Carb diet for 4 months and lose 50% of my body weight
4. Learn to sew and buy expensive leather jackets and fur coats from good will
5. Use skin conditioner
6. Obey every verse in Leviticus 26, Exodus 23, Deuteronomy 5, Dueteronomy 8, Deuteronomy 27, Daniel 8, Isaiah 55, Isaiah 57, Isaiah 58, Proverbs and Psalms
7. Develop my prophetic abilities and get advice from God through my dreams
8. Spend any excess cash on getting my hair curled and done well... maybe hire a fashion consultant...
9. Open my own charity organization or fund my own bible college
10. Prepare the teachings for televangelists (I have the connections for this)
11. Do volunteer work for the young adults group at church so that I can get ministry connections, social status, and time with the guy I want to date since he's a choir boy...

Do you think this will get me the guy?

Answer on My secret plan to get the guy of my dreams?

No. I think it is all me,me ,me