Sunday, March 7, 2004

An International Love Affair!!!!........ PLZ HEP!!!?

I'm a catholic, 100% believer. I though it'd be impossible for me to find a girl dedicated to God. Rejected evey woman whose been interested in me for God. They usually all lie to keep up appearances then you realise she's slutty & deep down doesnt believe. But over the internet I found the perfect match!

One BIG problem: I live in the US, she's in Italy. She has 3 years of study left. She doesn't wanna get married till she completes it. Now I even want to move to Italy and open a farm there! How to convince her & make this happen quickly?

Answer on An International Love Affair!!!!........ PLZ HEP!!!?

1- You met her on the internet (need I say more)
2- She is a woman of god on the internet meeting guys?
3- What makes you think you are the only one in her life?
4- You are American, never met her & want to move there? (You will be disappointed!
5- Save time & heartache! Meet someone locally...

Just my opinion.