Tuesday, March 9, 2004

How can I fall asleep and stay alseep?

Since i was a kid i could not sleep on holidays. I would stay up with excitement. Now, i do not look forward to holidays as much. But i still cant sleep at night. Im 12 now. How can i break the habbit? Thanks guys!:)

Answer on How can I fall asleep and stay alseep?

Sleep problems are asked regularly on Y! Answers, so i made up a compilation of things which have helped me:

Hare are some things you can do to help you get high-quality sleep:

1) Have your room as dark and quiet as possible at night. This REALLY makes a difference.

2) Drink more water than you usually do, before going to bed. I know this means you'll probably have to get up to pee in the night, but you should be able to get back to sleep better when you have a "full tank" of water in you.. being properly hydrated really helps relax the mind, both while awake AND while asleep!!

3) Shower before going to bed, and after a while in the warm water (not too hot: this can harm your quality of sleep), give yourself a solid shot of cold water - 30 seconds or so. Then go back to warm, to get warmed up again. This sounds crazy i know, but it works!!! Do it a couple of times, but always end up with warm.

4) Even if you don't have a shower before retiring, towel yourself off VERY well before hitting the sack. This will do two things: it will get you nice and dry, which always promotes better sleep, and it will increase your body's ability to get rid of toxins while sleeping.

5) Shortly before going to bed, say a half an hour before or so, go for a walk in the fresh air outside. This can help relax you quite a bit.

6) Gently stretch before going to bed. This will help relax your muscles and promotes better quality sleep.

7) Don't eat anything within a couple of hours of retiring: the energy and water used digesting food in the stomach is diverted from other places in the body, and the result is a poorer quality sleep.

8) Instead of just water before bed-time, why not try a relaxing herbal tea? Peppermint works well, chamomile is great, and there are "sleepy-time" brews available from some of the major brands of herbal tea makers. I like the one with the Pooh-Bear on it best.

9) Have your room cool at night: this promotes better sleep. Wear socks to bed, however - cold feet and good sleep do NOT go together, lol!

10) If you are in a place where you can open the window without letting in a lot of noise, the fresh air will help you sleep.

11) Always sleep with your mouth and nose outside of the covers. If you sleep with them under the covers, you are breathing in all the stuff you just breathed out - and this is NOT healthy!!

These are some things i have found to promote a good night's sleep. Hope they work for you!!!
Lots of experience with irregular sleep patterns.