Wednesday, March 31, 2004

What is this hairstyle called?

What is this hairstyle called. Say you want it to be cut like this. How would you tell the salon person?

Answer on What is this hairstyle called?

For the length, say you want it about 2-3 inches past your shoulders and you want a choppy look, so ask the stylist to give you jagged ends, not a clean cut across the bottom. It appears as though Selena only has 2 layers, so say you want layers, but you want them long so they blend together well. Your shortest layer shouldn't be more than an inch higher than your base length. However, Selena does have a few face framing layers. You may want to tell your stylist that you want a few face framing layers. For the bangs, tell the stylist you want blunt, angled bangs. You want the shortest part of your bangs right about eyelash level and the longest part to just barely graze the top of your cheekbone. Make sure to tell the stylist that they're angled.

Sorry this was so long, but I hope I helped:)