Friday, April 30, 2004

Why is Everyone so Jealous of ITALY winning the WORLD CUP?

1. Ur jealous bcz they got 4 starts
2. Ur jealous bcz ur team can't do any better than them
3. Ur Jealous bcz the best player in the world is Italian (Cannavaro)
4. Ur jealous bcz the best goalkeeper in the world is Italian (Buffon)
5. Ur jealous bcz we got the best defense in the world
6. Ur jealous bcz an italian team won the Champion's league last year (Milan)
7. Ur jealous bcz Totti got the Golden boot last last year
8. Ur jealous bcz Italy is the only country that has 3 players in Golden foot award
9. Ur jealous bcz.....................ETC
I mean just get over it....we're the best in the world and ur trying to deny call us cheaters....well look at what Korea did in 2002......and you say that we cheated when we beat Australia......we then why did Materazzi get a red card for nothing in that game...and look at Portugal players and how they dive....and you call us divers......come on people get read....

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Answer on Why is Everyone so Jealous of ITALY winning the WORLD CUP?

i don't think it's 'jealousy' per se, it's just that besides the italian media, everyone is always out to get italian soccer. It,s a complex thing, but i have yet heard someone with a valid argument as to why italy 'sucks' 'cheats' or 'didn't deserve' to win any of the following championships.

The people who lack any sufficient knowledge of the game simply say, 'they paid the referees to win the cup' mainly due to the calciopoli scandal last summer, when no one made any easy cheap shot about the german team (who were rocked by a similar match-betting/scandal recently). It's just ignorance, i guess.

THe people who say 'oh, France deserved to win, they played better, and Italy only won in a shootout, italy was lucky to get passed Australia, that wasn't a penalty shot, they were lucky,

Well, Italy scored 12 goals in the tournament from 10 different players, they did not let any goals in open play except for an own goal and penalty shot (which was so debatable). Luca Toni's go ahead goal was not offside, Italy scored all 5 of their penalty shots, this after having a history of losing 3 of their last 4 world cups in penalties (including a guy who came back from a 4 game suspension) ... Was Italy lucky against Australia? No one can say for sure, but why is everyone so sure that Australia was going to win that game, why is it so unimaginable that italy wasn't going to soak up the pressure and score on the counter attack or something, they,re the best at defending? Nobody remembers Euro 2004 (semi final against Holland) ... now, the detractors will say, Malouda (i think) was fouled by Materazzi in the final, if that is so, then Grosso was fouled as well by the Australian guy (much more contact, and he was brought down, albeit 'accidentally', he was stopped from a clear chance, whereas Malouda wasn't. Italy-Australia penalty was 10 times more warranted than the final penalty.
As far as luck goes, maybe against Australia it was luck, but EVERY SINGLE championship team wins with some sort of luck down the stretch, there's no denying it. Nobody remembers Germany-USA game (how come the USA wasn't given the goal or penalty shot (handball cleared off the line maybe?) yet no one seemed to 'complain' "ahh, germany were lucky to advance". Or Brazil in 2002 against Belgium ... they weren't lucky? Did they not end up winning the world cup later on?
As far as Zidane headbutting and him being kicked out playing a factor ... what factor did Zidane play in the game that warrants the strange thought that he would have won the game for France in the last 7-8 minutes or so? Can people see the future or something. He was taunted, trash talked and it got the better of him. There is trash talking in all sports, if you can't handle it, well, there you go ... too bad.
You know what, that all said, people are jealous that Italy won, and i hope it burns them
It's a mixture or jealousy and ignorance

like one poster said, 'siamo campioni del mondo' and that will not change for another 3 years and 2006 world cup will always be Italy's world cup.