Friday, May 14, 2004

Agree or disagree: top 11 reasons why Evan Bourne will not be released this year by WWE?

1.Over the past 4 years he's been with wwe(3 onscreen), he was the fastest person from the indies
to get through the training in developement which was less than a year and won the world title in the
developemental and he signed a five year contract in 2009.

2.He has respect of a lot of people read interviews, Kaval had no one but he has people who can keep him their from backstage-
Chavo Guerrero
Bret Hart
Ricky Steamboat
Billy Kidman
Rey Mysterio
John Cena
Triple H(suprises me too)
Stephanie McMahon(she likes to push lightweights)
The Orton Family(trained and was scouted by them at age 15-18 when training to become a wrestler)

3. He is VERY humble, watch his podcast interview with Colty Cabana, he doesn't care about wins
or losses AT ALL(crazy IKR) and only cares about being the best match on the card. He's the perfect jobber and is great ppv opener or main event performer. I could talk death about his tenured
skills that make him both technically sound and a great cruiserweight performer but he is very nice
and humble. I just saw on his twitter he reads EVERY fan mail he gets.

4.he's clean, there were rumors he did drugs and smoked a few years back but those were quickly
nullified once they found out his younger brother Mike is straight-edge.

5.He's booked well, he loses realistically(Sheamus) and wins realistically(Zack Ryder), he's 5ft9 &
183 pounds.

6.he's still marketable-they sell t-shirts of his which come in many varities, they are coming out with
foam finger peace signs(awesome right?). The guy is clean cut, happy go lucky and energetic, he
gives off this cool as ice-epic epitome of energy and can deliver that larger than life never say die
darkhorse. The guy has a fanbase of children, smarks,woman and many adults, wrestling purists
may have a prejudice for his size and wrestling style but the current fanbase loves him. BTW the
peace sign wasn't given to him because of the pg era, he adapted it from Japan(Ninja warriors and puroso/mma purists somehow are big of peace) and basically is the way he says hello or goodbye.

7.He's a former marketing vice president and has a bachelor's degree in marketing and business,
check out what he's done for promoting WWE in Brazille and Monday Night Raw. They use that
to their advantage a lot lately.

8.photoshoots- few wrestlers are choosen for photoshoots, basically all the larger than life characters
are, he does pictures in his attire(Made by his mom and rey mysterio's attire designer), his finisher

9.Awards-now he's won no titles yet, but he is a two time slammy award winner.
2008 "Best finisher/signature move)
2009(best ring attire)

10. win-loss record since debuting in wwe in 2008 is 45 wins and 33 losses.

11.He main evented superstars and left that show meaning he highly won't be released.

Answer on Agree or disagree: top 11 reasons why Evan Bourne will not be released this year by WWE?

Agree strongly.