Monday, May 24, 2004

I told my mom about my decision to be a vegan in the near future....?

My mom thinks as a vegan my skin will turn pale from lack of dairy products and my body will gasp for protein and other nutrients. She also said that I will lose most of my friends. After telling her that veganism is a very healthy diet if it is properly planned she told me that I don't do enough research (and I even told her I read about 1/3 of Skinny *****) and she still thinks my claims are uneducated. What can I tell her to convince her that becoming a vegan is not a health issue nor a social issue? I think she is being completely irrational.

Answer on I told my mom about my decision to be a vegan in the near future....?

Tell her to look at a picture of Alicia Silverstone and Natalie Portman. They are skinny, yes, but they are actresses. They have beautiful skin, and a healthy glow. Both are (mostly-Alicia) vegan.

Protein is in almost everything but fruit. What other nutrients? Iron? You can get that from plants (when combined with vitamin C in the same meal). Calcium? Brussel sprouts have more than milk. I don't understand why she thinks you will be nutritionally deprived when eating a ton of fruits, veggies, beans, and various grains.

As for losing your friends - if they are that shallow to turn on you because you turn vegan - they're not good friends to begin with. You don't need people like that anyway.

Have you shown your mom the university websites and scientific studies? If she still denies them then, frankly, you might just put your foot down and fight back a little bit. I'm not saying to be disrespectful, but seriously. That level of ignorance and idiocy would be astounding. Hopefully, she'll come around and see the light then.

However, I really think (considering she brought up you-losing-friends) that it's really more of a I-don't-want-my-kid-to-be-an-outcast-and… thing. But I have a tendency to look down on close-minded people. So that's probably just me. :3

Good luck.

Why does Drake the rapper suck?

Give me reasons to think negatively of him, because I'm currently OBSESSED with him. I love the way he looks, his flow, his personality (portrayed in his songs and specials/documentaries about him), and everything. Whenever I think of a perfect guy I think of him. I actually love him.. and that's SO pathetic.

So give me reasons for why he sucks.. because I need to get over him.

Answer on Why does Drake the rapper suck?

LOL.. I love your honesty. Personally I like Drake also but moving on to your request.

He looks like a St. Bernard (dog)
He sounded like a sissy on one of his interviews when speaking about Wayne.
He may possibly have a gf.. which is a turn off because it kind of ruins the fantasy of being with him.
He fell on stage which is also a turn off.
I guess he likes Nicki Minaj (because of what he said about her concerning Lil Kim and obviously because the often work together) and honestly I think she's weird and has NO flow whatsoever.
His eyes slant down and he has really thick, bushy eyebrows

In all honesty.. though I somewhat believe what I just wrote, I like him too. Not physically but his rapping definitely makes up for that part, ha.