Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Workout and Diet Help?

So, I have alot of free time on my hands (about 7 or 8 hours a day because Im suspended and schoolwork and chores dont take long) and I am looking to get in better shape. Im about 210 and 5 foot 6 (I have about 10-20 pounds of body fat according to my wrestling coach.) I have a weighted jump-rope, two 10 pound dumbbells and a home made forearm/bicep/tricep workout thingy (I saw it at my old high school and recreated it, its 3 five pound weights tied to a metal bar, which you hold at shoulder level with your arms fully extended and move your wrists to roll the rope up then unroll it.) I am looking for a MMA/wrestling specific workout and diet (I want to make 189 lbs, which, though the online BMI calculator says is obese, would probably be a very low body fat percentage for me). I want to increase my muscular endurance, punching power, kicking power and explosive power. Also, Im not looking for a temporary diet as much as a permanent change to my eating habits. My diet at the moment consists of a fruit smoothie for breakfast (which is usually made up of 3-5 strawberries, a bannana, a cup of milk and a half cup of yogurt), my lunch varies (usually a sandwich made by my mom) and for dinner I usually have a little bit of either fish or some sort of meat with veggies. My breakfast varies sometimes though, sometimes Ill have oatmeal or cereal (I hate super sugary cereals). Oh, one final detail, due to my suspension and my parents lack of trust im not allowed to run.. Except for sprints around the deck.

Answer on Workout and Diet Help?

1) Do jump rope - aim to be able to do 5 minutes without rest or stops; not as easy as you may think.

2) Do push ups - 4 sets of variant reps; aim for at least one 30 reps.

3) Stay active, don't be a couch potato - mow the grass, vacuum the carpet, cleanout the garage. Stay busy.

4) Cut out refined sugar AND bleached flour from your diet. Start counting carbs and aim for less than 1700 cal per day. Fruits are good, but you should not good overboard because they do contain a form of sugar call fructose which is only slightly better than refined sugar. When you make a sandwich, skip the white bread which is made with refined/bleached flour. Use a wholegrain bread. Use a non-fat or low fat mayo and go easy with the cheese.

5) Watch what you eat: milk (especially whole milk) is loaded with fat and sugar. Try skim milk. You can also try soy milk which is low in sugar (some have none) and non-fat. Same with yogurt -use the non-fat variety.