Thursday, October 7, 2004

Help me and be serious about it?

Ever since i was real real little(baby) i have had so many problems and so many doctor and different appoiments. You know how many people wanna go towards dreams? 1 thing i do need help with is i cant find or reach deep inside me to find out wht my dream is. Can u help me w/ that?
Anyway, because of the depression that i have and the weakness because of the pain i have, i dont seem to have the strenght to be active and do things that i wanna do. I also have a problem that i always hear about people that i really admire and other people, example, Selena Gomez is my idol. If other people dont like her i surely do. I really want to be like her. Anyway, i heared that she started everything when she was reall young. I just cant get past the fact that i wish i did so many things lie wht Selena did when i was younger. I cant get past that. So, i really need your help. Please. I wish that God will just relive life so i can do wht i havent.

Answer on Help me and be serious about it?

OMG i was speaking to my dad about the EXACT same thing today like how i wish i started doing something at a younger age so that i would be famous for it when im older or something like that. AND PLEASE DONT TAKE THE ADVICE FROM THE ANSWER ABOVE ME i really hate the people who say pray to god and other SH!T like that just cause you pray how the f@ck is he suppose to give you an answer exactly.............. i dunno maybe lend it to Zeus and he'll zap it to you in a bolt of lightening?????? GET OVER IT...... find something your good at anything work at it dont slack belive in yourself you dont have to be famous in what you do i know how you feel but not everyone makes it and at least you will feel that sense of accomplishment. I try new things everyday and im 13 and look forward to seeing what i become in the future cause i work hard at who i am and am currently at a top Grammar School.. And just to let you know you dont have to be young to be good at something you can progress from any age and you have your whole ahead and try new things. I hope i helped and i wish us both GooD LucK and if you do get famous one day remember me and give'us a shout on tele. xx :)