Thursday, October 14, 2004

Looking for a sculpture!!! PLEASE HELP me find it?

I'm trying to find out the name of a beautiful marble sculpture that was featured on "Samantha Brown's" - "Passport to Europe" a year or so ago.
I pretty sure it was In Italy, possibly Florence. In a small museum/home
There was two large sculptures done by different artists. One was of a fisherman pulling up a fish net done in exquisite detail.
The one I'm trying to find is the body of Jesus laying down & the marble was carved so intricately that it looks like a white silk drape covering him entirely. Both sculptures were not by Michelangelo or anyone very well known, nor are they in a museum that is well known like the Uffizi or something, it was a smaller palace type home converted into a museum.
(I tried contacting the show & Googling it all sorts of possible ways.... No answers. So I hope you guys can tell me.)
Appreciate any ideas! 10 points for trying even!
Thank you!

Answer on Looking for a sculpture!!! PLEASE HELP me find it?

Have you searched through Samantha's many video clips & Journals of the "Passport to Europe" episodes?
They are at the bottom left menu on this website in case you haven't yet been there.…