Monday, October 25, 2004

Why do people hate Justin Bieber so much?

Im not gonna lie, i really like him but im not a diehard fan. I just dont understand why people hate him? what do you think? x

Answer on Why do people hate Justin Bieber so much?

1) he's a fugly girl
2) can't sing a ****
3) has a gorgeous girlfriend(selena gomez) but doesn't deserve her a bit
4) he thinks that he's the best just because blind girls have bieber fever
5) he takes in helium before he...correction (she) sings
6) she is 16 and didn't hit puberty yet wowww
7) have u seen his fugly *** hair....I mean seriously
8) oh and did I mentioned he can't sing? I did but its still isn't enough no matter how many time I repeat that!
9) he doesn't deserve to be famouse...why is he here?
10) u know that homeless man with the golden voice, well he's talented then justina bieber
11) he's gay...i mean lesbiean