Saturday, November 20, 2004

Okay would i look like a stalker or not..?

So im in 10th grade now, the beginning of 9th grade year to like december that year, this kid would flirt with me alot/hit on me i guess, we talked sometimes. and we had one class together and rode the same bus sometimes. And i kinda had a crush on him, and i think my friends told him so he knew.. After second semester we didnt talk or wave or anything. Then at the end of the year he moved completely across the country, and i added him on facebook recently. So now to the question, do you think i would look like a stalker if i wrote on his wall and said hey or something?? I don't wanna seem like a freakkkk......

Answer on Okay would i look like a stalker or not..?

Not really. Facebook is the new Myspace. At least you knew the guy, half the people that add me are fggt@sscenekiddies that only talk to me because of my hair. n.n