Saturday, January 29, 2005

What Can I do to lose 100lbs?

Im 22 280lbs 5 foot 10. I need to lose weight for the police academy and i think losing 100lbs would be ideal for me. I know it wont happen over night or in a few months time but Im still young and would like to set this as my long term goal. I thought about diet pills, laxatives, gastric bypass but it all seems so unhealthy for you. I was thinking about exercising (mostly cardio) eat raw vegetables and fruits, a long with nuts, egg whites, and fat free snacks. But I am not sure if that would help due to me being on medication (i have to be on these meds for health reasons) Need suggestions is my plan good enough to help me? More suggestions please thanks!

Answer on What Can I do to lose 100lbs?

First of all, see what your BMI is. You may carry more muscle mass, which means you aren't carrying 100 lbs of fat.
Also, don't try to change your diet drastically or go on some crash exercise program - you will be doomed to fail. Forget the diet pills, laxatives and all that stuff. Don't give up on protein, either. And, don't discount gastric bypass surgery. I'm alive and healthy 7 years after surgery and would do it again in a heartbeat. (Off medication for diabetes and 2 meds for high blood pressure since having surgery and losing the weight.) If a diet of raw vegetables and fruits and nuts, egg whites, etc., was going to work for you, those would be the foods you want to eat. Your ideal diet is very lacking in protein, which is needed for building muscle. And you do need a bit of fat in your diet. Fat causes satiation when you eat, and also is necessary for creating hormones.
Keep a food journal for a week - write down every bite of every thing you eat, the time, and how you are feeling when you eat. (not easy to do) You might find that you eat when you are bored - so your answer would be to find something stimulating to do. Maybe you eat when you are sad - well, address what is making you sad. Do start to exercise, but be gentle with yourself. Start by walking. Don't over do it, and allow your body to adjust. Stay with it and set goals for yourself. If you can only walk 1/2 hour without being exhausted, then do that for a week and increase the length of time you walk the next week. You ARE young and now is the time to do it! Can you afford to join a gym, or maybe have a friend who might exercise with you? The two of you can help motivate each other to keep going.