Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Lady gaga vs lil wayne lol?

I know that lady gaga's a singer and lil wayne's a rapper so you can't compare them in the same category, but who's better in succeeding their career, who's currently more successful and who's considered a better artist for their genre of music?

Answer on Lady gaga vs lil wayne lol?

I ******* hate both, but lil Wayne sucks more, so gaga. But only because of her meat dress XD

Is it okay for Drake to say the N-word?

I mean I like Drake's music and all, I just find it weird that he says it when he is half white/Jewish. But maybe it isn't a big deal since his other half is black? I don't know, have you ever found this kinda weird, or is it just considered slang these days for the music?

Answer on Is it okay for Drake to say the N-word?

He is half black, and honestly it doesn't even matter who says n*gger, I don't see that term as racist anymore because people frequently use it so much that it doesn't even refer to black people anymore. I use the term n*gger for anything, I call black people n*ggers, I call white people n*ggers, I call asians n*ggers, I call animals n*ggers. I see it as a term with an empty definition, Fat Joe, DJ Khaled, and Eminem have used the term n*gger and they aren't even black at all.

Oh this isn't related to the question, but I noticed that you consider Jewish people to be white, which I take offense to. Jewish people are not the same as white people, Jews are a different category, they aren't the same as white people.